Dreamline luxor

Dreamline Luxor  is where technology and luxury unify to take you to a new level of support and comfort.  The Blutex relieves pressure points at the shoulders, hips and knees while the Pocketed Coil Duology giving your back proper support. Luxor mattress  offers comfort and durability that allows you to relax and recharge that will refresh and empower you for the day ahead.

Mattress Design : Flip Free  Plushtop
Upholstery : Hi-Density Foam  and Medium Blutex
Support System : Pocketed Coil Duology
Co – Support : Hi-Density Foam Encasement for Maximum sleeping surface
Body Pampering : Medium Soft
Comfort : Medium Posture Comfort Layer Quilted to Luxurious Fabric
Thickness : 38 cm
Headboard : Luxor